Bishop Velychkovsky Prayer Group -
Brandon Chapter

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to pray for important and pressing needs in our country, community, and Parish, and to be a source of charity for all.


1. Meet on the first Friday of each month for a Divine Liturgy.
2. Each member is expected to go to confession prior to the Divine Liturgy.
3. Rosary will be said one-half hour prior to the Divine Liturgy.
4. Prayer group responsible for providing a stipend for the Divine Liturgy Intentions.
5. Intentions will be decided by the convened group prior to the next meeting.
6. Any Catholic (male or female) of the Eastern or Western rite may belong to this prayer group.
7. Prayer group to make at least one pilgrimage to the Bishop Velychkovsky Shrine at St. Joseph's in Winnipeg each year.
8. Assure that at least two members of the prayer group are present at the daily Liturgy during the week.
9. Leader of the prayer group will assure that sufficient funds are available for the Divine Liturgy by requesting donations from the convened body.
10. The Icon of Bishop Velychkovsky is to be displayed on the tetrapod during the Divine Liturgy.
11. Each member should attempt to bring in at least one new member to the group each year.
12. Business meeting will be conducted prior to the Divine Liturgy.
13. A one-half hour Bible study session should follow the Divine Liturgy.
14. A leader of the Prayer Group is to be elected each year from the convening body by secret ballot.
15. The Prayer Group is to be in full harmony with the Church's hierarchical structure. Each group is to have a Priest Spiritual Director and the guarantor of the Group's spiritual formation and adherence to the doctrine and directives of the Magisterium of the Church.
16. The Prayer Group has to distinguish themselves for their faithfulness to the Catholic Church, to the Pope, and top the Bishops. They must aim at basic formation through prayer and generous charity towards the suffering.


The Brandon Chapter of the Bishop Velychkovsky Prayer Group in Canada has the distinction of being the first chapter of its kind formed in Canada and hopes that many new ones will be formed in other parishes across the country. The prayer group was first formed on Friday, August 11, 2006 at our church. Elsie Makwaychuk was chosen as the leader of the prayer group with Rev. Fr. Michael Tkachuk (pastor of St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church) as the Spiritual Director. Bishop David Motiuk gave approval of the formation of the prayer group, its mission and statutes on behalf of His Grace Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak.


Elsie Makwaychuk
Emily Romanik
Eileen Sawchuk
Fran Perchaluk
Beverly Litkowich
Peter Litkowich
Evelyn Kozyn

Prayer group members 2017

Please go to the the Photo Gallery and see more pictures during our visit to the Bishop Velychkovsky Shrine on June 06, 2008.

Click here for more information about our group and our visit to the Shrine.(in pdf format)
Click here for more information about the shrine.




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